The Evil Husband

The Evil Husband

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A story of the evil husband
Once upon a time, in a beautiful castle high on a rugged mountain lived a wicked king with his son, Prince Barney. Prince Barney was a well respected twenty year old. The king though was wicked and hate full. He was fifty four years old at the time.

When the prince went to town the one morning, he saw a girl sitting by a fountain and throwing pebbles into the water. She had short blond hair and the cutest pink lips. Barney walked p to the girl and introduced himself. The girl’s cheeks turned slightly red. She introduced herself. Her name was Amy. Amy was eighteen years old and she loved horse riding.

After the prince finished what he came to town for, he climbed on his horse and rode back to his father’s castle. The king was waiting for him to arrive in the living area. As Barney entered the room, the king started asking him questions about where he was and what he did there. This was unusual to Barney.

When Barney was laying in his king size bed that night, he thought about the pretty girl sitting at the fountain. He thought about the blond hair and the pink lips. What he did not know, was that she had a husband.

A few mornings later, then the sun rays entered the prince’s room, he brought upon himself the decision to go look for the girl he saw at the fountain a few days back. He got out of the bed, nourished himself, brushed his teeth and pranced down the castles staircase which led to the front entrance. The king heard Barney get his horse ready for the trip into town. The king stared at Barney with an ice cold look, while the horse rode out the gates of the beautiful castle.

In town, Prince Barney found the young town girl about to open the door of a little cottage house. He called her by her name. She let go of the door knob and smiled as she turned her attention to the handsome man getting of his horse. He stood beside his horse as Amy ran up to him and proceeded to hug him. Just before they touched, Amy's...

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