The Evolution of Formal Organization

The Evolution of Formal Organization

Evolution of Formal Organization

Research Paper

Stephanie Maddox


University of Phoenix

May 23, 2010

To begin with information to acknowledge the different types of formal organization that is going to be researched, are three different types. Utilitarian, Normative, and Coercive are the three and the one that is relevant to this research paper is Utilitarian Organization. When one joins this type organization it is to make a living for oneself and their family. Normative is for moral gain in ones life, and Coercive is not chosen but forced upon the one for criminal punishment such as prison.
The history of the Utilitarian Organization is the Industrial Revolution, involving work and the economy. United States is associated by the term “second industrial revolution” that begun in 1870. The ground work was started in New England before 1840 that started the growth of the national economy (Klassen, J. 2009). In the year 1876 started the difference between Bureaucracy which is defined as an organizational model rationally designed to perform task efficiently, and Oligarchy which is defined the rule of many by the few (Macionis, J.2006).
Different types of industries changed our system such as; The Textile industry, Firearm, the Domestic Application and Machine Tools. A man named Francis Cabot Lowell from Boston he was an entrepreneur that started the Waltham Plan. The Waltham Plan was made to prevent the same social conditions that were in towns of England. The plan was to employ young females whom were not ready to be married. The plan gave incentive with events for culture, room and board, and mandatory church services. No alcohol was allowed and the women had a curfew. Lowell’s plan ended up faster and more organized then competitors, and less hard labor (Gunderson, 1976, p.159-60).
Lowell’s plan is one of the methods used in the beginning of the great work force we have today. The Female advantage has three patterns that...

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