The Extreme Feeling of Superiority in Ones Country

The Extreme Feeling of Superiority in Ones Country

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Between 1919 and 1945 Nationalism has been a factor to some world events. Nationalism isn’t always a bad thing , your proud of your country and you feel that you have pride of being a citizen . But once it gets to ultranationalism , this is a different situation. The country itself think that they are superior compared to other nations and that there people should have more living space. We can see that ultranationalism was a component in some world events.

Nationalism is an extreme feeling of superiority in ones country. It can also mean uniting a country, and making a country stronger. Such feelings of pride usually cause negative effects. German nationalism were apparent with the unification of Germany which lead to the extreme facist which is called NAZI. Although the Treaty of Versailles was still active in Germany , Hitler still manage to build a massive army. In the beginning the NAZI was under the ruler of Hitler. Nazism was based upon an ideology of Nationalist Socialism. Hitler’s idea of Lebensraum which means living space was set in the militaries mind. He believed that all the Germans should be united because they are the master race. This the invasion in Poland , Czechoslovakia and other major nations in Europe. Since German people lived in Czechoslovakia he believed that they should join there great nations. Even if they tried to resist , Hitler used his military to defeat them. This idea of living space became a big push for the war. As Hitler progresses his ego became higher and he started conquering neutral cities. Another ideology of Hitler is that there a descent from the Aryan race which makes them the superior race, everyone else is inferior. This lead to the mass killing of Jews and many incidents that have happened. For example the night of the broken glass was ultranationalism. Since they Germans are superior they think they had the right to trash Jewish business , kill Jewish people and they are expelled from...

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