The Extreme Problem in Many Cities All over the World

The Extreme Problem in Many Cities All over the World

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Air pollution has become an extreme problem in many cities all over the world. One major factor of this pollution is toxic emission from vehicles, especially from the large numbers of private cars and motos, being used at those cities. In order to reduce the emission, we cannot ban the transportation, but alternatively, restrict the number of private cars on road and encourage residents to use public transport. Personally, I think that if we apply this theory correctly, the pollution problem will be solved.

The very important point for the success in public transportation is that it saves a lot of space required to park vehicles. While motos can transport up to three people, widely-used cars can pick up eight people per time, a lot of people can commute by public transport, let’s say fifty people on a bus and much larger number on a metro. If all these people travel by their cars to work or school, there will be a thrist for car parking area which is certainly a big problem as there is no much space in the cities, especially in the center. With the increasing difficulty in parking, the number of people using private transport will fall down. Besides, when commuting by public transport, there will be no need to concentrate much on the road which reduces the stress on whole-day working people as well as reduces the number of vehicle accidents on the road.

Furthermore, what is worth-noticing fact is that public transportation is suitable for all ages, from a very little kid to an old woman. Different from years ago, public transport now has implemented add-ons to help with the disabled as well as has provided a special area for the old, the pregnant and little kids. This kind of transportation also offers parents more freedom as there is no worry about rushing to their children’s school before going to work. Children are taken to school bus station, then, arrive at school safe and sound. With the above advantage, we will soon have no resistance to public...

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