The Facts of Effective Communication in Business Meetings

The Facts of Effective Communication in Business Meetings

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The Facts Effective Communication in Business Meetings


Effective Communication in business meetings keeps the potential partner coming back. When we associate with people in business, or they associate with us, all parties desire to gain some objective. Knowing how to communicate to encourage productive action is important. The definition of an organization is “a group of people with a special purpose, such as business” (Active Study Dictionary of English Longman Group limited, 1983, p 420) Communication techniques, consequently, are necessary to make an organization work well. Effective communication in business meetings is about all of those things – disagreement, expressing opinions, voicing concerns – and harnessing the energy to create a solution that people want and care about.
Avoid visiting the far away town of Abilene by following these tips for effective communication in business meetings.
1. Speak up everyone!
Create an environment where people can speak up without fear of mockery, reprisals or condemnation. Use meeting “ground-rules” written up on a flip-chart, to ensure everyone in the meeting understands what behavior is expected and acceptable.
2. Stick to plan
Agree and stick to an agenda. Don’t go off topic, however interesting a diversion this may be.
3. Two ears, one mouth!
Let one person speak at a time. If this proves hard to enforce, maybe use a
“Talking stick” or some other object which is held by the speaker and passed to the next speaker.
4. Empty vessels make the most noise
Increase the thought put into individuals' contributions by encouraging them to write down their points before it is their turn to speak.
5. Agreed? Let's move swiftly on
Avoid “violently agreeing” within the group – if you have achieved consensus, move on and don’t waste time discussing why...

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