The Fantatic Essay

The Fantatic Essay

Homework: Writing a definition essay

Definition of freedom

The word “freedom” is a very serious word that most of the people living on the earth always want and need in their living. They cannot live without freedom. The word “freedom” is defined many differences definition depending on their understanding in their own way. Some people say that freedom is whatever they do and they act freely, some think that of refers the absence of enforcement, which the other think that freedom is the new life when they left out from the prison. What does the exact meaning of freedom?

As for me, I come up with one opinion in order to give the meaning of freedom. I can easily say that I am a free person because I have rights to do whatever I desire. Obviously, when I want to study at the university, work at the working place, vote to my favorite leader, make a communication with someone, and so on, I can practice it frankly. So I fell the whole world is in my hand while I have the liberty at the same time.

Mr. Kovie Nyekovie, a communicator Master student and a tortured writer in the windy city, has researched for several years in term of the word freedom. As he mentioned, the word freedom meant to an end. It referred to everything in which the people just escape from the negative way and move quickly to the positive way. Actually, from 1863 to 1953, Cambodia was a colonial country controlled by a country in Southwest Europe known as France. Luckily, in the late 1953, Cambodia escaped from that colonial regime. Therefore, all Cambodian people considered that they got freedom from France in doing and performing something freely and openly; especially, starting their new life from that time. One more example is escaping from poverty. A large number of rich people usually think all of them have freedom from living in poor condition because when they become well-off, they will be able to do everything they wish to do and they enable to behave it without caring and...

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