the federalists

the federalists

the Federalists came from a wealthier class of merchants and planters who benefited from foreign trade agreements and stable economic conditions. The Anti-Federalists were critical of centralized power because they thought it would merely promote the interests of the wealthy ruling class, rather than representing the interests and rights of local citizens

The Federalists supported the creation of a strong central government with authority over all 13 colonies.

The American Revolutionary ideals of freedom and self-government were publicly promoted by both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. But they had very different ideas about how to promote these ideals. According to Syracuse University historian Ralph Ketcham, the Federalists promoted an English-style society based on strong commercial growth, domestic prosperity and world empire. The Anti-Federalists, on the other hand, viewed the success of the American Revolution as a rare opportunity to achieve an actual republican polity.

Veiw of the federalists on the constitution.
The federalists see the constitution as a possibility for America and themselves to get a real big power in the world. They want America to expand. They don´t want to seem week. They want to have a strong central government that rules over the different states and maybe over more parts of the world. At first the federalists also didn´t see it as a big need to set up a bill of rights because it was seen to dangerous. But after a big struggle for the same rights for every man But after all when the federalists where close before the win they set up a bill of rights. Bothe the antifederalists and the federalists wanted Liberty and justice for all but they had different views on how to put them.

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