the feeling

the feeling

Right now one of the most controversial topics is abortion, lots of Christians believe that abortion should be illegal no matter what the situation is, then there are some people who say it should be legal, people also believe it should be legal within a cetin time limit. My view is that abortion should be legal in a rape situation but illegal if the situation is caused because of the people not taking the right precautions. If someone wants to eliminate the 98 percent chance of getting pregnant by not having “safe sex” than they should either keep the baby or put it up for adoption.

Christian believe that abortion is a act of murder, they also believe that God has planned the baby and that removing it from this world is an act of sin. I have to agree with this viewpoint because abortion is murder.

The people who believe that abortion should be legal feel that abortion is a way of women having control of their bodies they also think that the fetus cannot feel pain. I agree with the women having control of their bodies. The fetus not feeling pain is very hard to know, but getting murdered and dying how would you know if that person felt pain, but does that make murder okay just because they couldn't feel it?

The time limit for a baby to start to be born is right away so i don't think that a time limit should be placed on abortion but in rape the time limit should be at 3 weeks because that is when the baby gets it genetic information from the parents.

Over all my viewpoint is that abortion is murder and even if the fetus cannot feel pain it should not matter. Women should have the option to have a baby and they should have the option to either put it up for adoption or keep it.
I was adopted because my mother couldn't take care of me it wasn't because she didn't want me but that she just wanted better

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