the fierce dragon

the fierce dragon

A stench like no other wafted through my nose. It was hideous. I was gaging, coughing and spluttering, trying to breathe in fresh air but to no avail. The putrid smell was over whelming. My pet cactus was withering in front of my very eyes. I used the last of my energy to see were the odour was coming from. I was shocked. My feet were frozen to the ground. I couldn’t move. A monstrosity, hairy, lumpy, disgusting, oaf of a mouse stood in the corner of my bedroom. Stomp!!! Crash!!! Wallop!!! The mouse carelessly crushed toy after toy as it headed towards me. I closed my eyes ready for death……

A wicked squeaky tone came from the mouse, “You may pass your bedroom door but if you have ever told a lie, you must die.” I stood panic-stricken. I had once told a little white lie, would this mean I was doomed. The thought whizzed around my petrified mind. I was speechless. The agitated mouse raised his eyebrow and growled, “I will ask you one simple question. Have you ever lied?” I opened my mouth to protest but quickly thought the better of it. I changed my foolish thoughts. I promptly shouted NO! but then regretted my impulsive actions. A shiver ran down my spine. Was that the best move????

The mouse bared its fangs. Its claws scraped on the rusty door hinges. I could clearly see what he was thinking. How should he die?!?!? I knew my lighting reactions had doomed me!!! I felt pity and shame deep in my heart. The mouse began to scratch its chin. His thoughts were deep in progress. I clenched my teeth determined not to let the fuming mouse see my fear. I looked deep into the mouse’s eyes. They were sparkling with evilness. He knew a meal was waiting.

I just wish I had owned up to Dad about stealing the sugar. The temptation was completely irresistible as my sweet smelling fingers clawed in and out of the jar. If only I could rewind time and tell the truth this time. That way the wicked mouse would not be scampering in my room foraging for the microscopic...

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