The Flawless One

The Flawless One

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Everything starts when I am getting matured and finally realized that my dear mom is a half blind woman. A lot of people would think, "My Gosh, you have been living with her like 19 years ? And now that you realized this ?" I'm a fool, I admit it.

It was a sunny and brilliant day, I was playing basketball with my bosom friends. Finally, it is the lunch time for us. Suddenly, something caught my sight. My mom appears in my sight. She brought me some food in a food case. My friends were whispering and envying me about I'm so lucky to have parent comes around to bring me lunch. At first, I thought so. My mom always shade her eye with her long and black hair. Obviously, I thought it is some kind of trend or that is her style so I never asked her to comb her hair aside. I heard my friends were whispering, "His mom looks beautiful but I wish I can admire her whole face without any hair shaded." I don't give a care about them and I just have my sight focus on my mom. She placed the food case on the table of canteen and suddenly wind blew the chopsticks to floor. When she tried to pick the chopsticks up. Everyone saw my mom's hair is covering the eye with some scars. Well it doesn't look disgusting but all my friends were disappointed when acknowledge this.

When I reached my home, I can't stop my pursue after my mom in order to get an answer why she had scars. She just keeps on neglecting me. Finally, I failed to control my emotions and I had told her that her scars actually cause me to felt that I'm a loser, lame guy. All of a sudden, she got mad. She scolded me that I was naive and I was so easily to being affected by my friends.

I don't know, I just said without intention. It was " I don't want to see you anymore." These words hurt her and made her slapped me. She packed her stuffs and left me alone. Alone for 2 years, I have gotten a job as I forfeited my studies. The job required me to go oversea.

I accepted the offer since I don't feel like staying in...

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