The Forbidden Love Story

The Forbidden Love Story

Forbidden love

She was scared but in the same time she knew it was woth it. She was preparing how to tell her mother about what she was planing to do. She came in to her room, her mother was sitting on her knees infront of the Virgin Maria statue, praying the rosemarry.

- Mom? She said with a low vioce.
- Yes Janette?
- Can i talk with you for a second?
- Wait a minute please, her mother answered and continued praying.

After 10 minutes her mother was done and went to the kitchen were Janette had been waiting. They looked at each other and Janette had those inocent eyes. Her mother knew that when Janette gave her those eyes, it was about that Italian boy, Francisco Glemenzé.

- Please Janette, what now? You want to see him again, is he in town or do you want to travel all the way to Italy, because you know that is impossible.
- Mom, why won’t you just let me speak before you make your own conclutions and get pissed off for nothing.
- Yes, I know but you are the one who should stop making me mad.
- But your getting mad for nothing, I haven’t even told you what I wanted to tell you from the first begining.
- Okey Janette, say what you wanted to say, but make it fast, I have to be at your brothers house in half an hour.
- And do what?
- Unless you have forgotten, your brother got married for a couple of months ago and now I’m going to help his wife clean the new house. Now comon, stop wasting time honey and say what you wanted to say.
- Mom, you’ve got to swear that you won’t tell my brother or dad, please.
- Just say what it is.
- We’re thinking about getting married this summer, we have been discusing it a long time now, but I’m scared that Roberto won’t let me.
- Roberto is your brother and of course he’s not going to let you move to Italy, you and I both know how his and your fathers brains works.
- But it’s not fair, you all liked Francisco, you even said that he reminded...

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