The Garden

The Garden

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English Assignment 2

The Garden

There is a tune. It has no verse. It has no lyrics It is wholly and completely natural. The pictures scenes and imagery that well up in ones mind when such a blessed tune is heard can only be truly understood once the sound is appreciated.

Though my venture may be fruitless, thought my words and adjectives will seem as dirty rags compared to the true sight of the scenery viewed in one’s minds eye. However, I shall attempt to describe what is so beautiful to me, for it can not remain in me alone.

In the beginning there is only complete silence in my ear. In my mind is only darkness. The quiet introduction takes me by surprise yet again. The pictures are coming back. The gentile smoke like mist covers my feet where I stand, a shining contrast against the sheer blackness all around.

All around me structures appear. A harsh stone of grey consumes my vision. To my sides and behind loom deathly looking boulders. I’m in a cave, yet I feel no despair. I know that when I lift my gaze, light will shine a gleaming window of hope. I make my way over to the light, which I know belongs to the sun. I feel the dampness underfoot of wet rock turn to soft moss. Once at the door way of the silent cave, I feel anticipation rising in me for the spectacle that will once again encompass my senses.

The garden that I have visited many times has not lost any of its beauty. The stream followed by a waterfall two feet away from my head sings its song. The crystal water serves to magnify the golden fish which leap to catch the shiny green flies. The grass growing beside the stream of joy makes a soft refreshing place, where I take my seat from which I can drink of the views of my garden.

The curtain of branches belonging to the willow tree sway gently as the breeze blows. The breeze carries a smell in its grasp, the smell of honey and wine. The wind itself is a character in the place. Beneath the willow tree...

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