The Gateway Engineering Ltd

The Gateway Engineering Ltd

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Table of Contents:

Acknowledgements 2
1.0 Introduction 3
1.1 Background of the Case 3
1.2 Purpose of the Report 4
2.0 Issues 4
2.1 Operations Division 5
2.1.1 No Formal Induction & Training 5
2.1.2 Teams Working Independently 6
2.2 Support Services Division 6
2.2.1 Lack of Employee Empowerment 6
2.3 Information Technology Services Division 7
2.3.1 Informal Working Atmosphere 7
2.4 Marketing and Sales Division 8
2.4.1 Unreliable Recruitment and Selection Method 8
2.4.2 Inexperienced Staffs 8
3.0 Conclusion 9
4.0 Recommendations for Change 9
4.1 Operational Division 9
4.2 Support Services Division 11
4.3 Information Technology Services Division/Marketing & Sales Division 13
List of References 17
List of Bibliographies 20


This HR assignment will not be possible without the help of a number of people. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mrs. Hanaliza who has devoted much of his time to supervise me in this assignment.
Special thanks to my colleagues at KDU College who has helped me in times where I needed suggestions from them.
And finally, thanks to the author of the books, journals and web site for the information I received in order to complete this assignment.


1.1 Background of the Case

Gateway Engineering Ltd. is an IT company based in the North East of England, which its main businesses focuses on offering and providing IT management services to both companies as well as the general public. The company was managed and controlled by Derek Cresswell and his family until recently, the company was acquired by a multi-national company and had a restructuring change by having hired new directors and appointing a new CEO to run and control the company. Gateway Engineering is on the verge of moving towards a “customer focused” company by next year and would also want to be known as a company which implements the idea of “valuing...

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