The Gear of Grinding Ball Mill

The Gear of Grinding Ball Mill

Lubrication of these expensive, large open gear systems presents a big challenge because of the harsh environmental considerations, as well as heavily loaded conditions. Grinding or pulverizing mills are exposed to cement dust, mineral dust, coal dust, temperature extremes and heavy loads. These severe conditions magnify the need for superior lubricating products. Eamination of lubrication on Ball Mill is an important thing during the ist service life.There are sevral steps you should follow to exam the lubrication.

Benefit Analysis: The ball mill material level monitoring mainly benefits the power use, steel ball consumption, and equipment consumption. Since this ball mill technology put into practice, the energy has been decreased, the grinding mill operation stability and safety have been improved a lot. Meanwhile as the empty smash of the steel ball is avoided, the grinding mill steel ball consumption, and ball mill lining plate consumption are lowered obviously. The Coal Mill bearing bush operating reliability is highly improved.

The ball mill gear when driving a huge vibration:

(1) ball mill and the balance shaft gear, the axis is not in a straight line, its causes are: mill liner installation, no secondary grouting, or After the secondary grouting anchor bolts not tightened well, turn the mill with a hoist cylinder, resulting in grinding one end of the cylinder displacement, and the two axis is not in a straight line, so that reducer drive the mill at which the vibration. Approach: To re-adjusted to ball mill gear shaft axis and the axis line in the same plane.

(2) Large Ball bulky, heavy weight, so that ground subsidence; shifted. Monitoring settlement located near the base point; were observed and found to sink, to adjust.

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