The Giver Essay

The Giver Essay

Ryan Deasy
The giver compares/ contrasts

The community of the Giver is controlled. A controlled society means that rules and laws govern your free will. You can no longer think the way you want to. Would you want to live in a controlled society? I know I wouldn’t. There are three issues I would like to discuss about this controlled society; they are sexuality, color, and change.

The first one I would like to discuss is sexuality. In the book sexuality represented stirrings or sexual feelings that you get when you are like twelve or thirteen. The community and chief elders did not want people to have stirrings, so they gave them medication that made it go away. They called this medication the pills. Jonas first had stirring in the form of a dream. He wanted to bathe Fiona. They called this medication the pills. People were supposed to take the pills every morning. Jonas took them for the first few weeks. When he became the receiver of memories, he did not take the pills anymore. He liked not taking the pills, it made him feel good. In the film sexuality represents change and emotions. When people had sexual feeling they would turn color. The sexuality in the play was very similar to the book. Jonas had stirrings. The rules said he had to take the pill and he did not. That was a sign of disobedience. He was the only one in the community who threw the pill. He liked the feelings.

The second one I would like to talk about is color and how it represents feelings. In the book color meant you had the capacity to see beyond. You had to see color and have pale eyes too e a Receiver of memory. In the film color meant you had experienced real emotions in Pleasantville there were no real emotions. Once you were in color you were just like a person in real life, you had emotions and feelings. Anyone could become color all they needed were feelings. Everyone in the community could see color just no everyone was color. In the play...

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