The Godfather

The Godfather

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Troy Johnson 2/8/11
Professor Cullen Homework # 1

4 Thought’s on the oldest Profession

1) I think Jeff Crane was being very funny in asking the question “Do you think Pharaoh engaged a LEED Accredited Professional to build his tomb? I would say yes to that, but the name for a LEED then would have been Pharaoh builder. As people we have a natural ability to make things work. We are very resourceful, Pharaoh had an idea and put it to use through skillful people he was the FM and put things together.
2) Lets take a king of some large castle in order to run this castle he must have security to guard him and the castle he must have grounds men to take of the out side of the castle and he must have maintenance men to do the chores Inside the castle. The king made most of the decisions and had meeting with the nights of the round table when it came down to war or taking another castle. Similar with the president today he have the congress the senate to deal with but unlike the King the president have to make decisions for the world today the king just had an country side to deal with. The FM’S of today is like a king they must get things done on a day to day basis and deal with the line-managers to get what the need.
3) Park rangers who take care of the fields and parks can be FM’S but they job is to be on point for someone breaking the law more or less, you see just like a night he must make sure the grounds are secure and everyone is acting in an orderly fashion. They are not trained to put out forest fires but they can report one very quickly.
4) To be an FM you must be dedicated to such a task, Lets take the great wall of china surely Mr. Charles Carpenter don’t the was one FM on board for that, but never the less it took along time to get it done and a lot of communication. Think of all the materials that had to be brought from different parts of the country this took not skill but determination to get it done


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