The Goods Received Note

The Goods Received Note

Goods Received Book
Keep control of goods received attach to delivery notes received.

In a large business, a goods received note is generated whenever a delivery is made to the business. The GRN detail what goods and quantity have been received and when. A copy of the GRN is sent to the accounting department to enable them to match it to the purchase order.

Goods Receipt Note is a document used to record the inward entry of the any goods received at the premises of the organization. The document normally consist of the details of Quantity Received, Quantity Rejected and Quantity Accepted, Supplier Name & P.O. No. The practice of preparing GRNs is important as it promotes proper inventory control and restricts the unwanted, unauthorized entry of goods in the organization. The GRN preparation is a part of effective Inventory Control Management.

Transfer Book
Transfer of ownership without physical movement of the item ownership is being charged.(Book Transfer)

Stock transfer book is a record book which is list the owner of share of stock in a corporation.

A transfer of ownership of a security without physical transfer of any document that represent the instrument. (Book Transfer)

Bin Card
Also called cardex, tag card and etc. the detailed information about the material is contained in the Bin Card. Normally Bin Card consist of information like Qty Received, Qty Issued, Minimun Stock Level, Maximum Stock Level, Reorder Level, Reorder Quantity, Closing stock, Opening stock and etc. Maintenance of Bin Card system is a part of perpetual inventory accounting system.

Cellar Stock Ledger
A record of each shareholder’s ownership in a corporation. (Stock ledger)

Requisition Slip
Material Requisition Slip is a document prepared at the time of material issued from stores for production purpose. Requsition Slip is an authentic document without which the material should not be issued from the stores. The document normally consist of the details like...

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