The Gospel According to Mrs. Camarari

The Gospel According to Mrs. Camarari

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The Gospel According to Mrs. Camarari
As transcribed by James S. Chávez-Glica
February 23, 2003

My Dear Ones,

In the beginning, the Divine Universality created all things visible and invisible in love and completeness. This Holy Energy gave all beings free will. This Great Oneness gave us the illusion of breathing life and the truth of eternal spiritual life.

This energetic universality of unity is me.

Because I have no name except the ones you have given me, I am choosing to call myself, Mrs. Camarari. Some may say it is blasphemous to say that my name is Mrs. Camarari, but it’s not. My name has been Adonai, God, Buddha, Ra, Nature, Odin, Zeus, Allah, Quan Yin, Grandfather, and Shiva to name a few. I have chosen to come forward in this identity so that people will no longer be afraid of my many names. I have decided that in this incarnation, no one will be afraid of me at all any more. This name may even help you smile. You will no longer fight over what to call me, nor will you claim to hurt or kill on my behalf. Really, I ask you, who could shout out in vehemence, “I shall kill you in the name of Mrs. Camarari?” without sounding very silly indeed.

Yes, in an instant, which spanned billions of years, I created all of heaven and earth in my image. Of course, it was my spiritual image, not my physical image in which you have been incarnated. I have descended from heaven in many forms throughout the ages. Some of my faces have been those of Adam and Abraham, Moses and Mohammed, Odin and Ngo-ouka, Jesus and Lao Tzu, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Marianne Williamson and Mother Teresa, Gautama Buddha and Charles Schultz. I have written books and inspired books to be written. Some of the literary works for which I am responsible were the Torah, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Chinese Books of Living and Dying, the Upanishads, the Koran and Conversations with God.

I help you feed and clothe yourselves. I bring you love...

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