The Greatest

The Greatest

Bridge Questions Part 1

Write in complete sentences. Be thorough and explain your thinking. Re-read what you write and make sure your ideas are clearly explained.

1. What are the 3 states of matter? Which are we studying first, and why?

2. How did we begin studying the relationship between the P and the V (what did we do)?

3. What did we find when we graphed P vs. V? What sort of relationship did it indicate? Was there anything that didn’t seem right about the graph?

4. What did we do to confirm the type of relationship that exists between P & V? (Think graphing!) Explain how it confirmed the relationship. What didn’t seem right about the second graph?

5. What is the equation (hint: it’s a fraction) for pressure that we determined from the 3 pressure demos?

6. What is our model for how gases create pressure?

7. What are the three cases when P can be equal to 0?

8. If PTOT → 0, what will the volume (V) of the trapped air become?

9. What is 1/V when PTOT → 0?

10. Explain what we did to correct our graph of P vs 1/V. Write the equation for calculating total pressure.

11. How does our correction (using PTOT, not just books) change the way our graphs look? How do the new graphs show the pressure volume relationship correctly?

12. Once we were able to calculate the true PTOT, how did we calculate k? What does k represent? What did we find out about the values of k with each book added?

13. What did we need to test next? What did we find about k for the rest of the data taken?

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