The Greek God Apollo

The Greek God Apollo

Do you know about the Greek god Apollo? Well I’m going to tell you about
the great god Apollo. It must be amazing to be a Greek god.

To begin, you need to know that every God had realms in which they ruled.
Apollo was gifted and had many responsibilities. He was most famous for being
the god of the sun, pulling the sun over the skies on his chariot. He is also known
for being the god of music, playing his lyre everywhere he went. Apollo was also
the master of medicine, being able to send disastrous plaques, or bring times of
great health. He is also god of prophecy and poetry. Plus, some people considered
Apollo god of arching.

Next, being a god meant that you had special powers. They usually went
along with their specialties. Being the god of the sun, Apollo was able to control
the amount of heat given off by the sun. Also, for ruling medicine, he was able to
heal himself instantly, also, he could send disastrous plaques to humankind.
Apollo was also a gifted musician, and could shape-shift. He was said to be
stronger then all of the other gods and goddesses. One more power Apollo had
was being able to shoot arrows that where surrounded by solar heat.

For every Greek god, there are many myths about their amazing lives and
feats. For Apollo one of the most famous myths is about the Python of Delphi. The
python was sent by Hera, to punish Leto, Apollo’s mother, for being with Zeus,
Apollo’s father. The python gave of obnoxious fumes wherever Leto tried to
settle. So, when Apollo was four days old, he decided to take revenge on the
Python. Apollo made his way to the Pythons lair. When the Python saw Apollo he
was enraged, and lunged at Apollo. Apollo was quicker though, and dodged, then
put an arrow in the Python’s head. Apollo, with the pride of victory, took out his
lyre and plaid a song of victory. Then he buried it under Mt. Parnassus, and built
the oracle of Delphi. Zeus had to punish Apollo though for...

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