the harms on child adobtment

the harms on child adobtment

The Harm of Child Abandonment

Ismael Rodriguez

English 4
Ms. Ramos
May 6, 2015

Page 1
Child abandonment occurs everywhere around the world. There is different type of abandonment the main abandonment’s are leaving the child with another person or abandoning child with any support. Even if the abandonment was during childhood it still affects the child later on into their future as an adult. Either by leaving its own child or neglecting them with their attention. On page 76 it gives a perfect example on how parents neglect their children “They are sending Ben away because he isn’t really one of us”. Also on page 80 “When people dump their kids here, they don’t come and see them after.”
Majority of the time child abandonment occurs when a parent, guardian, or person in charge leaves its spouse without any regard for the child’s physical health, safety, or welfare. Most of the time the parent’s or guardian abandonee their child due to the fact that they are not financially or mentally ready to take care of another person when they can barely take care of themselves. Many parents neglect there child with their attention making the child feel unwanted. David makes a perfect remark of showing neglecting to Ben on page 74 “well, he certainly isn’t mine.”
Another type of neglect is when the parent is really never around or too busy doing something else. When being a parent a child expects to be cared for and attended. Most of the time they look for that attention since they feel as if they don’t fit in. when being neglected by their own parents due to them either being always at work can make a child feel that he/ she is not important. There have been many cases where the parents neglect their children for also to use drugs. Many cases have gone around the united states that children are neglected from their parents attention because they are all hooked on drugs leading the child into a wrong path....

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