The Health Care Center and Fitness Center

The Health Care Center and Fitness Center

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Health and Fitness center

I understand that my school has received an amount of money to improve current facilities. There are two proposals under consideration. One is to renovate the library by expanding the space; the other is to establish a health and fitness center. In my judgment, I think that to establish a health and fitness center is more preferable on campus.

The most significant and clear ground is that on our campus there is no space to provide an athletic program and equipment and also no room to be able to acquire proper diet and nutritional information. In college life students often suppress their frustration about academic assignments and personal life. They need a place where they can frequently discharge some of chronic stress during their break time or free time. Moreover, it’s necessary to be aware of balanced healthy diet when college students learn more academic and sophisticated subjects because good physical and mental condition can be led by well-balanced food. If students were provided more accurate and appropriate nutritional information and advice by professionally trained members at a health center, they would enhance better eating habits even students would prevent obesity. Consequently, students will stay in good shape and more healthy mental condition will enable them to concentrate on doing assignments, exams, research better.

In addition, today students need to travel to an existing far fitness club and other gym. If a fitness center were quiet close, campus nearby, they would save time and money as well. Inaccessible facilities, off campus seem to be inconvenience and time-wasting for busy students. However, they will put aside their valuable time to efficiently utilize the closest facility when they don’t have to access to distant one. As a result, the time saved could be assigned to studying to get a higher grade and to improve their class performance. The...

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