The Heart 3

The Heart 3

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'The Heart' Essay Brittany Tyson

I'd like to start off by saying that I was not particularly fond of Hari. 'The Heart' was a

magnificently written story, and it sucked me in, making me feel for the characters on a more personal

level; thus proving its excellence. Although it was slightly disturbing, and irritated me to some extent;

but overall I can't deny that it was a wonderful story. I would love to say that I fully agree that Hari

deserved to lose Rex, but there are certain points that may prove that all that happened wasn't Hari's

fault, making it hard for him to have deserved losing his dog.

Primarily, I think a large factor to all of the bad happenings was Hari's parents. I believe that

Hari`s parents were extremely irresponsible and stupid to have given their eleven-year-old son a puppy;

and better yet letting him have all control over it. Just giving your child an animal in compensation for

never being there for them just doesn`t work. I suppose that this could also contribute to the point of

Hari`s not deserving to lose his dog. The dog was used as a companion and friend for Hari while his

parents were off doing God knows what. But still, I find it to be very irresponsible and petty. And I`m

sure that the extent to which Hari`s parents neglected him and just gave him whatever he wished may

have led to Hari`s beating the dog, for while they weren`t there – watching him – he was left to do

anything that he wanted:

“Hari`s father said he was too hot to eat and went upstairs; his mother followed.”
(Naipaul, 5)

It is explained in the text that when Hari first receives the puppy, he loves him to an enormous

extent. He is thoroughly concerned for the puppy's well-being, and he protects him at all costs. Hari's

name is the name for the Hindu God Vinshu, the Preserver. His name may fit him when he first receives

the puppy; and near the end it fits, but in a different way. He does all...

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