The Herbal Plants and Their Various Purposes

The Herbal Plants and Their Various Purposes

( Herbal Plants (


I. I. Introduction
II. Herbal plants and their various purposes
A. They can be used for healing.
B. We can grow herbs and flowers for a garden full of these wonderfully scented plants.
C. We can make crafting with herbs.
D. They can be used for cooking.
E. They can make so many excellent cosmetics.

The main purpose is to improve human health

III. Various properties of Herbal Plants

A. Lavender

B. Rosemary

C. Aloe


IV. Conclusion
V. Bibliography

( Introduction (

Herbal plant is a valuable plant that you can use some or almost every part of it for many treatments. Some people use its part such as dried leaves, roots, flowers, etc for curing diseases. Some use its chemical substance such as its extract oil for therapy. Furthermore, you can also use herbs as cooking recipes. Consequently, herbs have many benefits but the main purpose of using them is to maintain good health.

( There are many kinds of herbal plants and each part of herbal plant used is different. Herbal plants can be used for various purposes that depend on your demand. You can use them for relief healing such as Aloe and some kinds of herbs and can be grown for a garden full of their sweet smelling. Crafting with herbs can make a satisfactory and beautiful home. Artemisia is a beautiful herb that is easily grown in the garden or Giver King is a lovely herb that has a fresh herbal scent and dried floral such as sunflower, roses or anything else are suitable for your crafting.
Herbs are natural in the kitchen such as lemon, pepper, chili or anything else. Many excellent cosmetics come from herbs.

Almost all herbs are used for improvement human health. Herbs have long been known for therapy. You can make excellent skin tonic and fragrance in the...

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