The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place

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Corrie Ten Booms The Hiding Place is a novel about the struggles that all people endured during the Holocaust. The Ten Boom family struggled to assist those who were being persecuted against and they did it willingly. The novel introduces us to Corrie, and her two older sisters Betsie and Nollie. Her older brother Willem, and their father Casper Ten Boom who they lovingly call Opa. The Ten Boom Family lived in Harlem, Holland and owned a small watch shop called Ten Boom Watches. The book opens up to us in January 1937 during the early start of World War II.

After the German invasion of Holland, Jews immediately became the prime targets for Adolf Hitler and his team of Nazi Soldiers. Hitler and his team of Nazis stormed through Holland one after another persecuting and punishing all Jews who did not obey by the rules. At this point in time they were very easy to spot because of the yellow stars they were required to wear on their shirt. Corrie and her family were enraged by the brutal acts of violence and unfairness towards the Jews and finally they decided to do something about it. The Ten Boom Family new the consequences they faced and were willing to accept them should they be caught. Casper Ten boom said to his family, "I'd consider it an honor to give my life for just one of God's chosen people."

The Ten boom family was actively involved throughout the duration of World War II, and they helped in whatever way the could; however the biggest role they played was in the Dutch Underground. The Dutch Underground consisted of a group of people who assisted the Jews with hiding from the Germans. They provided the Jews with shelter, food, water, clothes, and whatever else they needed to survive. Many Dutch were involved in this Secret Underground. Most just gave what they could, but others such as a meter man hid ration cards in the Ten Booms staircase for Jews so that they could eat. Corrie and her family also assisted Jews with finding...

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