The Historical Psychologists

The Historical Psychologists

Middleton 1

Austin Middleton

Ms. Berg


October 1, 2008

Historical psychologists

Modern psychology was introduced in the 1800s. In the late 1800s laboratories were

being created. Laboratories helped create the basic concepts that helped shape what today is

called psychology. Wilhelm Wundt (1832 - 1920)founded the field of experimental psychology

that today is know as structuralism. Some of the main believes of Structuralism were

discovering the basic elements of consciousness, and that human mind functioned by basic

elements of experience.

Later in that decade William James founded functionalism. This type of psychology was

more concerned with the mental processes that help things adapt to there surroundings. Many of

these findings were made in everyday situations. John B. Watson on the other hand gave birth to

behaviorism a form of psychology dealing with ones actions and the results of ones actions.

Another psychologist that had a huge impact on psychology was B.F. Skinner and his

introduction of Reinforcement psychology. Reinforcement psychology mainly focused on

rewarding one for showing positive results.

Sigmund Freud on the other who was a Viennese physician was one of the most famous

psychologists. He founded the teachings of psychoanalysis. Freud got his thoughts of human

behavior through consultations with his own patients instead of preforming studies in a

Middleton 2

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