The History of Irish Americans

The History of Irish Americans

Subordinate Group: Select a subordinate Group with a documented history in the United States.
Irish Americans

Identify and describe the following creations and consequences situations the group has faced.

Migration: Many Irish migrated from the island of Ireland, during the time of The Great Irish Famine and Land Wars. They came to American for a better life.
Annexation: Many Irish would continue practice their religion, Irish Catholic, and trying to become part of America. Many tried to work and create better lives for their families.
Colonization: along with many other immigrants, the Irish would form gangs. These immigrants would stay with their own minority. The natural born citizens (Natives) often showed racism to these other subordinate groups.

Extermination: Many of the Irish were killed. Some of the natural born citizens would offer protection and safety for a fee.
Expulsion: Children of adults that who were killed were sent to orphanages. Many adults weren’t allowed to practice their religion choices.
Secession: Many of the adults would go into hiding. Irish and other subordinate groups would stay with their fellow group members.
Segregation: Many subordinate groups were outcast. During this time Africans were still considered slaves and were not allowed to join most other groups. Irishman who wouldn’t practice Irish Catholic religion was allowed to be around the natural born citizens (Natives). Anyone claiming legions to Ireland were either killed or would have to go into hiding.
Fusion: Many Irishman would form legions with the Natives. They would serve the Natives by becoming bodyguards, run errands, or anything else the Natives wanted.
Assimilation: After the death of Irish leaders, many of the Irish would become servants for the Natives. This was the only way to ensure their safety and their family safety.

Where the group originated? Many of the Irish...

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