The Hitler Followers

The Hitler Followers


This story is about a young man by the name of Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton).

He is the leader of a group of young white “Hitler followers” called “Skinheads”. As the

movie continues, you start to realize that the narrator of this story is Derek’s younger

brother, Danny Vinyard (Edward Furlong) reading his Essay paper for his separated,

principal- as- your- teacher and you’re- the -only -student American History class, also

known as “American History X”. Danny was expelled from a normal American History

class because he wrote a paper about Hitler’s book called “Mein Kampf“, following his

brother‘s steps. The principal, Mr. Sweeny, asked the boy as his first assignment to write

an essay about his brother Derek.

Derek had a big anger and discrimination against any minorities in the country,

Blacks, Jews, Hispanics… anything that is not your average “American” folk. This anger

all started when the Vinyard father was killed while working as a firefighter, when he got

shot by two “Black” men and was instantly dead. But, as the movie keeps rolling, you

realize that this anger Derek felt didn’t just “happen” out of nowhere, you come to

conclude that it was being fed to Derek by his father during his youthful and teenage

years. The climax of the movie is when Derek goes to jail for 3 years because he

committed a hate crime… Two black men tried to steal Derek’s truck (because of a black

vs. white basketball game) but Danny catches them, calls Derek and Derek starts shooting

killing both men.

Danny always looked up to his brother and was trying to be like him. After 3

years, Derek get’s out of jail with a complete change of perspective. He does not believe

anymore in anything that he created. Now he is trying to survive, care for his family, clean

up all the wrong doings he left behind when he went to jail, and his main goal… to stop


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