The Hole

The Hole

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Short Story

We were staying at my family’s beach house, when Hamish, my best friend, came up with the idea to dig a hole. Building a hole might not seem like a big deal to anyone over the age of about seven, but to Hamish and I, it was like we were planning to build our own Hoover Dam. This would be a place for us to retire to after a hard day of boogie boarding. We could go there to get away from my cousin. We would finally have somewhere to deal our Yu-Gi-Oh! cards where Dad wouldn’t get irritated that we were ‘wasting time’. Yes, this was much more than just a hole in the beach.

We started digging the same day that Hamish came up with the idea. We went through our beach house and found all the sandpit tools we had abandoned the summer before. I knew where most things were, but Hamish managed to find some old cups and bowls that we could dig with. When we had found a sufficient amount of equipment, we went back to the beach and started digging. At first, we thought we could dig close to the shoreline, so that when the tide went out, we could have a little swimming pool. But then Mum and Dad would know what we were up to, which never ended well. Instead, we chose a spot behind the house. Hamish got straight down to his knees and started tearing up the sand with his plastic shovel. I soon followed suit.

Hours turned into days, and days turned into weeks. We dug all day, everyday, and only stopped for food, sleep, and the occasional toilet break. The hole was even better than we though it would be. We could hide from anyone, and avoid any job with this hole, but best of all, it was a secret that no one else but Hamish and I knew about. It had progressed from being the Hover dam, to Narnia. Unknown to us at that stage, Narnia was under threat. One day, we were called in for the barbeque, and sat on cement steps puffing, shoving food down our throats. My cousin came and sat next to me.
“What’s up?” asked Jackson. I looked at my feet and didn’t answer. I...

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