The Holocaust 7

The Holocaust 7

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust was one of the worst acts towards humanity in the annals of history. Hitler and the Nazi regime, killed approx six million men, women & children, due to the fact that Hitler saw them as racially inferior to the Germans, consequently they needed to be exterminated. Germany at this time had just got through being defeated in WW I and dealing with all the peace treaty implications that was imposed on them, with the Treaty of Versailles. The people of Germany were feeling angry and resented the very harsh terms of the treaty. They also, felt powerless, due to the defeat of WW I and they were suffering due to the Great Depression, which was hitting the world at the time. Unemployment was high and morale was low in Germany, the people thought they needed a solution to all the problems. Well, here comes Hitler with his “Final Solution” to the rescue, or so everyone thought. The final solution was just the big plan to get rid of all the Jewish people, so that Hitler could create the perfect “Aryan” race, so to speak.
Hitler’s perfect “Aryan” type was a person with blonde hair, blue eyes and to be tall. Where, Hitler got these certain qualifications I don’t know, and didn’t find out while researching this topic. Hitler had tried once before, to take control of Germany, but failed. It was in the mid 1920’s; he tried to seize power of the government in Bavaria, which was known as the “Munich Putsch”, of course he failed and was jailed over his part in it. He served a fraction of his time, but while he was in jail, he began writing his political manifesto called “Mein Kampf” which means My Struggle. Here is where he put all of his ideas of how he would run Germany, and would not let anyone stand in his way. (

In the early 1930’s, President von Hindenburg of Germany, gave the position of Chancellor to Adolf Hitler, this was the chance that Hitler was waiting all these years for. Now he was in...

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