The Homeless Problem

The Homeless Problem

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Hector Lavalle Ms. Saad
English 1102
24 October 2009

The Homeless Problem
For centuries, the United States has had a homeless problem. For many years the government and other organizations have tried to resolve it, but they are only temporary remedies and sedatives to the homeless problem. The homeless population is still growing year after year and is not resolved. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Housing in 2008 “it is roughly estimated that 2 million people were homeless—sheltered and unsheltered.” We need to get together, opponents and supporters to the homeless problem, to solve this problem. This is a never ending problem and needs to be fixed permanently. Consequently, the U. S. government, with all of its resources, should take an overall resolution to resolve this homeless problem and continue to enforce it.
Causes of Homelessness
Homelessness has happened from our colonial time. Firstly, because some of the first immigrants did not get settled like the other immigrants, and then with every wave of new immigrants there were new homeless people:
“Known during the colonial era as “the wandering poor,” “sturdy beggars,” or simply as vagrants, the homeless first became noticeably in the late eighteenth century, then grew significantly in number after 1820, when urbanization and industrial development began… By the 1840 and 50s municipalities were setting
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aside rooms in police stations for overnight lodging of the destitute, and organized
charities began to grapple with the problem of the homeless for the first
time…During the 70s the homeless population increased dramatically in size and
a... more aggressive type of homeless man emerged-the tramp.” (Kusmer 2)
One of the principal causes that create homeless people is the persistent and periodical economic crisis that the U. S. had suffer since the...

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