The Horrible Human Trait

The Horrible Human Trait

Pride and prejudice

It has haunted us since early times, it has brought wars, disasters, shame, and can be seen throughout history, it is that which we have all been victims of, and it is that weapon which we have used to victimize others, prejudice. The author Jane Austen did and incredible job at bringing to light this horrible human trait in the book Pride and prejudice. In this book Austen uses the characters of Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy to show such trait.
Prejudice was also an issue for Darcy in that he disliked Elizabeth in

the beginning because of her low social status, poverty, and socially inept

family. Darcy was forced to deal with his prejudice when he fell in love with

Elizabeth. This was not easy for him to do but it was necessary. His snobbery

was countered by his love for Elizabeth. In the end, he overcame his pride and

gave in to his feelings by marrying her in spite of her and her family's


Elizabeth had her own issues with prejudice with which to deal. Darcy's

cold arrogance and snobbery prejudiced her from him from the beginning and it

took Elizabeth a long time to overcome her prejudices than it did Darcy.

This was because Elizabeth was a very caring person and did not like the things

that Darcy had said about her and her family. When given the chance, Elizabeth

loved to hear about how awful Darcy was, such as when she met Wickam, who was

eager to slander Darcy. However, Elizabeth gradually came around and began to

fall in love with Darcy, but it was difficult for her to overcome the prejudices

that had been imposed on her by both herself and Darcy.

Yet another instance that Elizabeth was prejudice was with Wickam, She regarded the general as a great person. She quickly came to trust him and became friends with him. Wickam began telling bad stories about Darcy, and because of her own prejudice, she completely believed him. It even came to a point where Elizabeth began...

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