The Human Rights

The Human Rights

The Human Rights The human rights had not existed since always they were created or declared on December 10 of 1948 and before this happened humanity had already lived barbaric episodes, had lived in misery and with fear. Everybody wanted to be treated equally but there was nobody to defend it so people were prejudiced and damned to slavery to death.

The human rights were created to defend all the rights that any person owned including free opinion, right to property, be treated equally by the law, right to live and be free, free of beliefs and right of education as the most important of the 30 articles.

All the countries members of the United Nations Organization (ONU) with out any exception have the obligation to make public this declaration in the teaching establishments in all their territory.

The human rights are the only way that people can use to claim for their equal treatment that still a problem in our society so people must unify and fifth for them because there are still powerful groups that may be social or political that keep unrespecting these rights and they must suffer the consequences. There are still children with nothing to eat or without knowing how to read their own name in our streets so we must push our government to take part in this problem because it is stopping us, if our country is part of the ONU and consequently partidary of the human rights it have to turn those hopeful words into facts.

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