The Husky

The Husky

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The Husky
I threw on my coat, put on my snow boots, grabbed my hat and keys and set out to go and meet my friend at his house. As I walked into my garage and opened my garage door, to my amazement there wasn’t just a light covering as the weatherman had predicted, but instead, there was 2 feet of snow on the ground blocking any chance my car had from leaving. His house was only about a mile and ½ away, so I decided that it would just be better to walk. I ran back inside and set my keys on a table close by. I stepped out of the warm house and into the snow. The cold stung my nose and made me realize how clean and fresh the air was, but also how dangerous it could be. I put on my blue knit hat and started walking out into the snow meadow. It was a bright sunny day; the sky was a soft shade of blue, and there was a slight breeze in the air.

As I started walking, the only sounds were the sound of my feet crunching through the top layers of the snow, the sound of the wind going through the trees, and the sound of laughter from the children playing in the snow from across the street. As I walked, I enjoyed the scenery of shimmery, virgin snow that no one had stepped in, the pine trees that were sleeping under their white blanket and the beautiful view of the snowy covered mountains. My feet started to feel cold, and the wind started to push me around like a bully. I looked ahead and was eager to get to the shoveled sidewalk.

While walking down the long, gray, shoveled sidewalk, my steps got closer and slower. I saw an image ahead and was not sure what it was. I knew for sure that it was gray, and it was an animal that seemed to look like it was lying down in the snow. I was scared but also interested to see what it was. As the image grew clearer, I could see it was a dog sprawled on the sidewalk. From its lack of movement and cowering posture it looked like it was hurt or lost. As I got closer to the dog, I could tell it was a Husky that...

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