The Impact of Biotechnology

The Impact of Biotechnology

The impact of biotechnological advances in world health in next century


As the title suggests the following essay discusses the impact that biotechnological advances will have on the world health in future.

To begin with the essay consists of a brief introduction discussing the present world healthcare scenario and mentioning certain diseases and diagnostic methods followed by discussing what is biotechnology?And its emergence in healthcare sector. Here I discuss some ways in which biotechnology can play a major role in healthcare including its use in development of vaccines, diagnostic capabilities, gene therapy etc. I further discuss the concerns and problems acting as a roadblock for implementation of biotechnological technique followed by conclusions which include my views on the emergence of biotechnological in healthcare and its impact on world health in future.


Somebody once said “when health is lost nothing is lost, when character is lost something is lost and when health is lost everything is lost”. How true, what does all the material pleasures mean when one isn’t in best of health and hence, rightly so healthcare and development has always been given primary importance by mankind over the years.

Humans have continuously faced constant threats to his wellbeing in the form of various diseases, infections, viruses etc. many of these have existed since a very long time whereas a number of them have arose in recent past.

Some of the various diseases which have been or were constantly a cause of worry for humans are as follows:
 Plague
 Malaria
 Dengue
 Small pox
 Tuberculosis
 Cancer
 Hepatitis
 Meningitis
 Swine flu etc.

Researchers have constantly worked towards encountering diseases faced by man in one way or the other. Some of them are as follows:

a) Development of Antibiotics: Antibiotics are drugs which are used to treat diseases caused by bacteria. They...

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