The Impact of Telecommunication Mobile Phone in Business

The Impact of Telecommunication Mobile Phone in Business

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Smith, L.R.2004, The Triple Top Line, ABI/INFORM Global.

In the article “The Triple Top Line”, Smith (2004) believes that quality is very important thing because it can make the most effective competitiveness in the world. However, recently of his career, the author tries to expand his inclination to the other part such as environmental sustainability especially in product development.

First of all, the author Smith (2004) searched the connection between the quality and environmental sustainability by himself. As the matter of fact, both of these things had one connection. And then, in the next author investigation, he meets the Brian Joiner in the AQC (Annual Quality Congress) as the leader who talked about “Quality Managers Can Help Improve the Environment” and Jean Louis Bouvard who come from European Organization for Quality’s summer. Obviously, they have the same purpose is to investigate the environmental sustainability.

In this article is also describing about the definitions of “Sustainability is finding win/win/win solutions for both the short-and long term effects of design on social responsibility, environmental performance and business result-the triple top line” (William McDonough and Michael Braungart 2004, p.24). Therefore, both the quality and sustainability will become one part when there is some regulation in the society and even tend to the responsibility of environmental performance especially in quality function.

Look forward into the future, there are Russian’s problem solving methodology which known as TRIZ and developed by Genrich Altsthuller. This system has so many major evolutions and the most common major is structural crisis which have connection with the system’s development of quality environmental sustainability. TRIS believe that in the next future there wills a system which including an “e-paradigm” and the “e” means is environmental sustainability. Moreover, there is also Japanese Union...

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