the impact of trademark and brand on company's behavior

the impact of trademark and brand on company's behavior

The Impact of Trademark and Brand towards Company’s Behavior.

Many companies, particularly in private sector, created their own trademark and brand because they want to ensure that their products and services can be recognised by the publics. When a company has a unique and reputable brand, it will help to boost the company’s image and profit. We can see how the multinational company, Apple Inc. generates so much profit from its trademark and brand. A reputable brand can help the company to gain the customers’ confidence towards its products and services and also encourage people to buy the products.1 The trademark and brand of a company will also influence the way in which it works. In order to gain a good reputation, companies will try their best to portray a good image in the eyes of their customers. Thus, this article will study how trademark and brand can give the impact towards the company’s behaviour.

Quality and Best Practice

Trademark and brand will reflect the practice and behaviour of a company. Through the trademark and brand, customers can easily gain the information and assurance about the company’s behaviour. Brand provides a key to the information of the quality and best practice of the company’s operation. For instance, when you search the keyword ‘Apple’ in the Internet, you will find a lot of information via-à-vis the quality of Apple’s products such as the Iphone, Ipad and Macbook and also the reports on how Apple Inc carries out its business. Therefore, it is imperative for a company to adhere a good corporate governance conduct in its operation in order to ensure that when customers hear about any brand, they will automatically have a positive expectation towards its company.

Engagement with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

It is essential for a company to have decent recognition of its brand by the customers. In order to maintain a good acceptance, the company have to sustain a good conduct and have more...

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