The Impact of

The Impact of
7 Characteristics Of Successful E-Learners
Distance Learning Skills: Using Online Education To Further Your Career

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When Jason enrolled for his first online fire science class at a local community college, he thought that a few hours at the keyboard and some fast and loose research would produce three college credits with minimal effort. He found the schedule inviting, but the work nearly overwhelming. "I admit that I thought this would be an easy way to pick up some college credit for my degree?but when I logged in and saw how much work was there, I about quit."
Jason (who requested anonymity) is not alone. He says that if he had a better understanding of how to manage his time and knew some of the requisite skills before the class began, he would not have been so unprepared.
With more than 3 million U.S. learners turning to online opportunities to bolster their knowledge and careers, educational researchers are finding this burgeoning methodology a valid and useful tool for educators and students alike - especially adult learners to pursue higher education. But many adults are not accustomed to Internet-based learning. An uncounted number have little idea of how to best use this new modality to their advantage.
Learning via the Internet is significantly different from attending a course in a bricks-and-mortar classroom. Certain skills and attributes require retooling before plunking down several hundred dollars for an online class that is both fast-paced and rigorous. A 2006 Sloan survey found robust growth and widespread acceptance of e-learning. Online education, it found, is one of the best methodologies for adult learners,...

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