The Importance of Assertiveness, Non-Verbal

The Importance of Assertiveness, Non-Verbal

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The importance of Assertiveness, Non-verbal

Communication and Time Management in the

Personal Development.

Nowadays personal skills are an essential form of communication. They include the ability to read and manage the emotions, motivations and behaviours of oneself and others during social interactions. People skills are combinations of interpersonal skills and intrapersonal skills. People skills are critical to success. They are as important to the modern economy as are knowledge, information and technical skills. Interpersonal skills are not essential for managers only but they are important by accountants, nurses, secretaries and doctors. Also they cannot be developed separately but they depend on some knowledge of human behaviour in general. Additionally interpersonal skills at work according to Maureen Guirdham (1995) depend on an understanding of work and the organisational context in which it takes place. Furthermore changes in the kind of work we do in technology and global economy have changed the way we interact. Now there are high expectations for good interpersonal and communication skills.

The most important topics of personal development skills are Assertiveness, Time Management and Non-verbal Communication. Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights without violating the rights of others. It is suitably direct, open and honest communication which is self-attractive and expressive. In addition Time Management is one of the most significant features of studying. Time is one of the most important resources. Finally Non-verbal Communication has the larger percentage of communication. Include tone of voice, eye movement, posture, hand gestures and facial expressions.

Firstly assertiveness is a behaviour which enables people to act in their own best interest by expressing their thoughts and feelings directly and honestly. Also assertiveness allows you to stand up for your rights when someone else...

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