The Importance of Career Planning for an Organization and for the Staff

The Importance of Career Planning for an Organization and for the Staff

How important is career planning for an organization and for the staff?

Career planning is important because the consequences of career success or failure are linked to each individual conception, identification and satisfaction with career and personal life (Cascio, 2005).

A proper career planning for the staff will provide job satisfaction, met professional expectations, a balanced work family life, adequate conditions (financial, security, location etc.) and recognition from the organization on the individual.

The companies providing the proper balanced career planning and satisfying opportunities will develop a responsible and self assured staff. Companies doing so will definitively have the advantage of a loyal and performing staff. This would be translated into higher performances and results or profits.

From the organization point of view, the career planning enables to retain vital skilled staff in a changing environment.

From an external point of view, it is obvious that a company supporting career planning will reflect a positive image to future potential recruits.

The interesting question in the chapter was on who should manage the employee ’s career?

With the new situation of the business environment with quick changes, acquisitions, divestitures, international growth, the organization can no longer take the full responsibility of the career development of employees. It has become too complicated and unfeasible. The time when one entered a company and knew that he could progress steadily within this one for the next 20 years is over. Today I would think that it is important that a company provides the tools for proper career planning, but at the end it is extremely important that the employee acknowledge that it is up to him to plan its career properly and according to his needs

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