The Importance of Communication in Nursing

The Importance of Communication in Nursing

Communication essay


For the past six weeks I have been on placement in a Mental Health Hospital

taking care of patients who suffer from Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

From this experience I have learnt that communicating with these types of

patients can be incredibly difficult as a majority of them found it incredibly

difficult to communicate in certain situations so that I couldn't understand what

they wanted. For those who could communicate it sometimes proved more

challenging. In this essay I will be describing briefly what Alzheimer's disease

is, the importance of communication, and what communication is. At the end

of this essay I will draw a conclusion in how I managed to communicate with

these patients.

What is communication?

Communication has been described as being both as simple and a complex

process (Rosengren,2000). The Linear Model of Communication (Miller and

Nicholson,1976) may be considered as an illustration of simple

communication. This is illustrated as follows:

Sender â†' Message â†' Receiver

Communication is a ‘two way' process, When you communicate you perceive

other persons responses and react with your own thoughts and feelings

(Radcliffe, M 2000).

Communication is a learned skill. Most people are born with the physical

ability to talk, but we must learn to speak well and communicate effectively.

Speaking, listening, and our ability to understand verbal and nonverbal

meanings are skills we develop in various ways (Association for

Communication Administration August 1995)

According to Fiske (1990) Communication is one of those activities that

everyone recognises, but few can define satisfactorily. Communication is

talking to one another, it is television, it is spreading information, it is our

hairstyle, it is literary criticism: the list is endless.

Delaune and Lander (2002) write that communication is the...

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