The Importance of Critical Success Factors

The Importance of Critical Success Factors

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A critique paper
21st April, 2011

S.M.Jafari,M.R.Osman,R.M.Yusuff and S.H.Tang (2006). ERP systems implementation in Malaysia: The importance of critical success factors. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol.3, No.1,pp.125-131.

i. Statement of the Problem
The Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) companies face with a rapid change in business environment. Thus, to face the challenge, the companies must improve their supply chain, product choice and quality, inventories and customer service. To scale up its business with global opportunities the companies look to enterprise resource planning as a tool of competition. The purpose of the study was to determine possible critical success factor that effect enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation in SMEs Company Malaysia.

ii. Literature review and purpose of study
The author cited clear view of literature. These statements contributed to the overall understanding of the subject and to the reasoning for establishing the problem statement. Subject found would have been 1)top management support, 2)clear goals and objectives, 3)communication, 4) effective project management, 5) business process reengineering, 6) data accuracy and integrity, 7) suitability of software and hardware, 8) vendor support, 9) education and training and10) user involvement. There are a number of other keyword factors that could affect the study, yet were not addressed by the researchers. Retained the experienced employee would be greatly effect in ERP success, yet this was not considered in the study.

iii. Methods
Using a questionnaire survey method, distributed to 232 Small Malaysian Enterprise (SMEs) company that are running ERP system. The instrument utilized was the 5-level Likert scale. The Likert scale was then given for each statement: 1 = very unimportant 2 = unimportant; 3 = neutral 4= important 5 = very important. The methods used to gather the data for this article were clearly...

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