The Importance of Decide the Best Carrier

The Importance of Decide the Best Carrier

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In recent years, significant studies and improvements have been made and implemented in vocational education system, increasing the rate of vocational schools, vocational orientation and vocational education curriculum. It is obvious that the imrovement of our country is parallel with the improvement of vocational education. Therefore, vocational education practices, vocational education in commercials, orientation of students to appropriate professions, a conscious and appropriate way of deciding on specific professions and schools are dependent on the knowledge and experience of the teachers, managers and foundations.

In our country today, primary school students have been choosing a high school (general high school or vocational high school) at the end of the eighth grade of primary education, students of vocational high schools have been deciding on a field of profession at the end of ninth grade and a branch of this field at the end of tenth grade. It is crucial that these preferences and orientations have been made while taking into account the needs of our country's needs in terms of professions. In order to ensure that these preferences and oriantations are consciously-made, it has become an important necessity for the managers, teachers and expert trainers of the schools and commercials to gather knowledge and experience about the educational programs in the European Union countries.

People become successful in a profession which they like to do. On the contrary, the commercials spread out in which unwilling and inefficient workers participate who do not like their jobs but have to work. This situation affects the development of economy in the country negatively.

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