The Importance of Family - Paper

The Importance of Family - Paper

The Importance of Family

It is hard to grow up as a young child without getting a few scraps and bruises. Kids are so active and have to have fun and burn off a little bit of energy. Imaginations are key to fun and to life. As a child one must come up with the most unusual games. Children do not realize at their age how important family is and just how much they give up for their child.

It was 4 o’clock pm. The sun had just started to go down. Kids are outside playing after school. My brother Jason was in the 8th grade and I was in 3rd. We had another brother that always played with us too, but I guess that day he was currently busy at the time or just did not like the game Jason and I were playing. My brother, Jason, and I had come up with this game. It involved a soccer ball and a few lines and the only thing that really had made the difference, the garage door. We have a three-car garage and the two-car portion was always open when my brothers and I were in the front playing. We had to use the small door that only one car could fit through. It was the perfect size for the goal.

Of course the oldest one would always come up with the rules, it itself was an unspoken rule. Jason had come up with some weird and out of this world rules. I do not remember all of them. One that sticks out the most was whoever was the goalie; they had to get the ball if it went onto the street or out of bounds. The ball we had played with was my favorite ball or toy in the world. It had my two favorite colors on it, purple and green. The ball was a size five, I was little so it had to fit me and how I played. I was pretty good at soccer and was a goalie on my school team; every now and then I would play the field. It was my favorite sport and Jason’s as well. He was very good at the sport and much bigger and stronger than I was, I was only 10. I was doing pretty well he would just hit is harder and harder.

The traffic that day was at its usual. The speed limit was 30...

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