The Importance of Friendship

The Importance of Friendship

How important is Friendship for Me

Friendship is necessary aspect in our life. If there is no friend life would be boring. Friendship is important for me because, I have someone I can talk and sport, , someone with share special moments, and most of all someone I can trust.

Sometimes some things going on in our life, no matter who you are, where you from are, we need someone to talk with and someone to sport us. If you have good friend, she will be there for you. However, I had many friends in my country, some of them I know since in my childhood. Since I moved in a different country I did not have any friend. All my friends were away from me and everything were new I was living in a new surroundings. From this experience I understood that how much friendship Important, and how much I need someone to talk and sport.

Morewer, time passed by and eventually I had some friends. For example, if I have some problem and I don’t feel ok I know that I have someone there for me and sport me also, same thing I do for my friends. Even when I feel frustration about something my friend gives me motivation. Beside that having a good friend makes me feel more self confidant. Example from my personal experians; while I live in USA I have newer been college in this years. However, the reasn is I am in this college one of my friend advised me to go to college. Even she helped me to chose college. Most of all, I am very happy to be in college in several reasons: I can improve my English, plus improve my knowlige, and to show my kids to study. For this now I am very thankful to my friend.

There are so many special moments in our life, and we always try to be with our family in special days. In other hand, beside our family we need friend someone you believe, trust, and you know well. In fact, my friends always with me. For example, even I live in a different country, different culture and different environment I can still celebrate...

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