The Importance of Grains in Life

The Importance of Grains in Life

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´╗┐The Importance of Grains in Life
Elders often say "eat more grains," "grains on the body good" and "Cereal is a good thing."

Why eat grains, it what good is it?

Eat whole grain cereals can increase the supply of nutrients
Eat whole grains allows people to get more nutrients under the premise eat. Gastrointestinal bad people do not because the coarse grain "rough" appearance and refused to eat whole grains, simply choose the good kind, not only will not increase the burden on the digestive system, but can help to absorb more nutrients. Such as millet, big yellow rice, sorghum, rice, brown rice, lotus seeds, etc., porridge eating easily digested and absorbed.

Eat whole grain cereals strong sense of fullness, not hungry porridge
Eat a bowl of bean porridge grains very full, very long time hungry. The same energy, rice, bread to eat fast satiety poor, it is easy to feel hungry, the result is not consciously let the body intake of calories. To long-term weight loss, you need to control dietary energy, and vitamins and minerals and other nutrients like Less, obviously not feeling hungry. That being the case, why not select energy such circumstances satiety stronger, more nutritious grains porridge it?

Eat whole grain cereals can help prevent obesity
Studies have shown that everyday people ate the most whole grain, fat with age, the risk is relatively small, and eat refined white rice, refined flour man, middle-aged fat risk is very large. Eat whole grain cereals is not easy to overeating, and postprandial glucose rise slowly, little insulin demand, help inhibit the synthesis of fat.

People fear mainly coarse grains coarse texture. In fact, this problem is almost non-existent. Soybean milk machine put beans into a paste with stirring, taste very good, but also convenient than boiled rice gruel. Electric pressure rice pudding pot, rice cooker and cook rice to be no different, soft texture, aroma, but the nutritional value and white rice are completely...

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