The Importance of Managerial and Productivity

The Importance of Managerial and Productivity

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´╗┐TO: Firstlevel Sales Managers InterClean, Inc.

FROM: Midlevel Sales Manager InterClean, Inc.

DATE: December 11, 2009

SUBJECT: Importance of Managerial Behavior and Productivity.


The purpose of this memo is inform the InterClean company firstlevel sales managers and to merge with Environ Tech. The transformation will be enlightening and will strengthing our company as a whole with new

agenda's, upgradings, and skills. This memo will delineate and explain how a manager's behavior can influence the productivity of his or her fellow employees. Secondly, the memo will address the types of management

actions that are in line with employment laws and those that are not. In conclusion I will include the best practices for working within a diverse work environment.

Their are many factors that can affect productivity within an organization including; people skills, material quality, system & productivity, knowledge of worker, equipment, but the most important factor is a superivor's

attitude, appropriate leadership helps create a satisfying work environment. Unmanaged or destructive behavior of a manager can turn the best job into a unstable position. Subordinates not only loss their productivity,

creativity, and sometimes loss of work engagement. Rude behavior of a manager creates an atmosphere of mistrust, negative impact on productivity, and increases the operational costs. With the changes occurring

at the InterClean, Inc the duties and responsibilities of the account executives and sale manager will also change. The first level managers will take on a broader role, when selling the company's products and providing

services. It is important to understand ethical, diversity, law regulations, and environmental compliances to help InterClean become a more successful organization. To be a successful Firstlevel manager at InterClean

you must represent equality, maintain a safe, healthy work environment, ensure working...

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