The Importance of Star Marketing

The Importance of Star Marketing

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TO: Mark Jackson, Manager
FROM: President of Star Marketing
DATE: December 12, 2008
SUBJECT: The Importance of Star Marketing

This memo presents the importance of Star Marketing’s partnership with DigiFast and the neighboring businesses within the building. Based on our strategies and tactics we will improve DigiFast’s operations, efficiency and profit. We will market your products in the most cost-effective method, creating new customers and services towards DigiFast and to the other businesses in the building.

Why Star Marketing?

We have a team consisting of brilliant marketing agents who use up-to-date technology to market products. We have the knowledge, ability and software to use this vast technology to promote products not only in magazines and billboards, but also to incorporate it to World Wide Web. We will constantly bring new ideas and methods to display your product to obtain attention, interest and curiosity. Our goal is to promote you product in ways unimaginable such that the public’s attention will not be disoriented.

Star Marketing will be beneficial towards the entire building. Our services will provide satisfaction, efficiency and most importantly, profit towards the business. We will not be happy until we have achieved success; therefore, we always challenged ourselves to go beyond our competitors. DigiFast is a growing company and Star Marketing can make it shine.

We Can Make It Happen!

Our team is highly qualified in this field, equipped with degrees in specific areas of marketing. Dedication and hard work is our motto and getting job done in the given time frame is not a hassle. Our deadlines are always met and our clients are always left with a smile. We can reach others and bring their services completing the project with satisfaction on both parties.

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