The Importance of Water and How Business Conforms in It

The Importance of Water and How Business Conforms in It

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The importance of water and how business conforms in it

Water is one of the four most essential elements to the earth as a whole next to earth wind and fire; however those also play a role into how water operates as well. Water is the essence of the environment, important to the existence of all living things whether if it’s a plant, an animal or human being. It is a powerful source that we cannot meet the cost to live if we are deprived of it. So we as a whole must be held responsible to do everything possible to preserve its quality and the life inside it for today and the future. It is so essential than it has the power to create, sustain and take a life. On the other hand, we as human beings have lost all respect for the same element which has given us the reason to our existence. We throw out the sewage, chemicals and trash into our own H2O which is not good for our environment we live in. We are exploiting the fish and animals living in the waters almost or to the point of elimination. We are polluting and ravaging the oceans without caring or having any regard for what the issues we are causing to our own ecosystem could and will be if we let it remain to happen.

We as humans, we are primarily composed of water. Our blood, which is our means of carrying nutrients and remaining left overs of waste, and also controls the temperature of our body. We are made up of 83 percent water with in the human body. It is a very unquestionable statistic that in order to survive we need water, just like everything on this planet earth that exists. Water's harmless and pure nature creates and endures life but when exploited for commercial uses it becomes damaged by pollution and the ecosystems inside it are hurt, affecting all life on the planet. The water resources of the world are raw materials like minerals and gas. Which many of the industries want to use in order make money. However in the process it is the industries that are abusing and infecting our...

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