The Important Aspects of Globalization

The Important Aspects of Globalization

Discuss the most important aspects of globalization and explain why some societies seem to struggle to benefit from global socioeconomic links.

Name: Pancras Malani
UNISA Student number: 35824719

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This essay will start by describing the concept of globalization and will denote and discuss what I think to be the most important aspects of globalization in a human system. Through examples, it will explain and show how globalization has created imbalances in today's world and has caused some societies to struggle to benefit from socioeconomic linkages. It will also draw some comparison between the rich countries and the poor ones in a view to highlight the global disparities which exist between societies. It will also look at some aspects relevant to political and environmental aspects that contribute to the imbalances of socioeconomic linkages of the world.

The concept “globalization” has generated many definitions and meanings for (and from) different people and has caused a great deal of debate from many writers, academics, commentators, politicians and scholars. It is a concept which is multi-faceted, which is manifested in many important dimensions of various factors of human system such as socioeconomic nature, political and ideological, cultural, religious and environmental. Over the past few decades globalization has affected everyone in the world in one way or another. Because the world has become interconnected, people and their businesses have been integrated in one single and super market....

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